What’s Happened at City Hall?

The City just found out that it owns a postage-stamp piece of property it originally thought belonged to the Kaisers. They’re now fighting with Tim, tooth and nail, as if it was something they desperately need.
Mr. Kaiser took a slum property and, through his hard work, turned it into a beautiful, quiet, safe and tranquil communal park. I lived there for five years and saw the effort and money Tim used to transform what was a dangerous, drug infested property into what is probably the safest block in the Chewelah area. Congrats Tim!!
I’m really disappointed in Chewelah’s city management and people I thought were pro-community as well as pro-business. I really don’t understand how they justify the emotional trauma they are putting the Kaisers through. What’s really going on here?
What’s happened at City Hall??

Linda Davila