What’s Going On With High School Theatre?

We just can’t believe what happened last week during both of the Jenkins High School plays!!!

There were all sort of crazy things going on in both of the plays ,the actors were totally in character, and once again, we were treated to the finest shows, because of the time and energy of all involved. The directing went in the right direction, stage managing was on cue and the audience was jumping out of their seats. Not because their chairs were the stack up type rather than theatre seats. Lets face it , we live in beautiful Chewelah and are so fortunate to totally enjoy a stellar performance in the High School cafeteria ( without microphones) but, we deserve a real theatre. During the last performance of ” The Foreigner” the cast from “Epic Proportions” cheered them on and threw out roses when it ended!! That is the best compliment that any actor could ask for.

Now I would like to get to my point. We are all lucky to have our dedicated and talented theatre director, Janet Mc Laughlin ,and everyone that works with her contributing to our children’s education, the development of their personalities and the confident attitude that she has taught to all of them is priceless. We are proud to say that both of our children have spent most of their formative years with Janet. Thanks to her , both our children, Katie and Michael, with their peers, have taken us to Broadway many times in Chewelah!!!

Please support PACA and all of performing arts wherever you find them!!



Bruce & Maria Barone