WEATHER FORECAST: Snow and sun this week

(BRANDON HANSEN/Chewelah Independent)

Weather in February sometimes can’t make up its mind, which is why Stevens County will have both sun and snow in the forecast. Wednesday will be sunny with a high of 40, but then snow will move in on Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures will be higher with highs in upper 30s, a nice change from the previous week of single digit temperatures.

MONDAY, February 15
Snow in the morning (1-3 inches) – High 30, Low 20
TUESDAY, February 16 
Cloudy – High 33, Low 23
WEDNESDAY, February 17
Sunshine along with some clouds – High 40, Low 20
THURSDAY, February 18
Cloudy, snow showers in afternoon – High 37, Low 30
FRIDAY, February 19
Mainly cloudy with snow showers – High 39, Low 30