Washington State Democratic Party Unionizes

(PRESS RELEASE/Washington State Democratic Party)

The Washington State Democratic Party is proud to announce that its staff have voted to unionize and are now members of International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Local 1094.

Said Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski: “The Democratic Party has long championed workers’ rights, and I’m proud that our staff have voted to further strengthen our bond with our brothers and sisters in the labor movement.”

Said Olgy Diaz, Party Affairs Director for the Washington State Democratic Party: “I’m excited our State Party staff is living our values and joining the mighty IUPAT family. The rights of campaign and political staff have come a long way since I started in politics over 10 years ago and this is an important step to ensuring access to better workplaces through bargaining rights for future democratic leaders and operatives.”

Said Garrett Moore, a Field Organizer for the Washington State Democrats Coordinated Campaign: “Much of my activism has been inspired by the work of unions and union organizers to fight against corporate abuse and stand for the rights of workers. We stand on the shoulders of giants, from Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta to Marshall Ganz, as organizers and now as proud members of the Painters & Allied Trades Local 1094.”

The decision to unionize comes while organized labor is under a sustained and deliberate attack by corporate interests and Republican politicians, from the passing of so-called “right to work” provisions that weaken unions’ abilities to protect workers to the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Janus decision.

Said Podlodowski: “My family would not have survived and then thrived without the union jobs of my immigrant parents. Now, as one of the
first state parties in the country to unionize, we hope to continue showing just how valuable and vital unions are.”

Said Philip Lindquist, Government Affairs Director for IUPAT District Council 5: “IUPAT District Council 5 welcomes our new members on the Washington State Democratic Party Staff! The Party’s unionizing is proof of their commitment to working folks and families in their struggle to make a better life for themselves and others.”