Vote YES for Track and Field

We must vote “Yes” for a updated Track and Field facility within the Chewelah School District. To start, facilities that offer our children opportunities to do more than exercise, train, and compete, but socially and physically develop need to be a priority!
This Track and Field facility would give our students, athletes, and community a sense of pride, ownership, and communal merit. We need to create spaces in our small town where all members of the community can inner mix and get to know one another. Most importantly, these facilities offer members the chance to share common hopes for themselves and their children.
A new and updated Track and Field facility would promote good health for our neighborhoods. It would be a place for the entire town to feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed; as it would be accessible to everyone. It would be a place to bring together adults and children from all areas of our community and promote a sense of “family.”
Good established places, like a Track and Field facility, support healthy interactions of people from all different areas and backgrounds. We desire Chewelah to be a place where ALL feel welcomed. We owe it to our children, the future of our world and society, to give them places like this to grow, have, and be part of.
Will you be part of this solution? Vote “Yes!”

Stephanie Wolfe
Gess Elementary