THE WEEKLY BRIEFING: Stan Lee died, Acosta has press credentials returned and reports of undeclared missile sites in North Korea

(COLIN HAFFNER/Chewelah Independent)

A lot can happen in just a week’s time. Here’s a few things to keep you up to date on the news stories making headlines across the country.

This week: A comic legend passes away, the media calls fake news on the White House, Aetna loses lawsuit, the caravan hits Mexico, California suffers, and Amazon picks two new sights.

Man behind Marvel Comics passes

Stan Lee, the genius behind Marvel Comics and the creator of legendary superheros and villains alike, passed away Nov. 12 at the age of 95.

CNN files suit against White House over press credentials

The cable news network, CNN, has filed a lawsuit against the White House on behalf of reporter Jim Acosta. Acosta was accused by White House officials of putting his hands on an intern during a briefing session with President Trump and revoked Acosta’s press credentials in the White House.

Conflicting videos of the incident have surfaced, with the White House being accused of sharing a doctored version to make the incident look more aggressive in support of their move.

Later this week, a judge ordered Acosta’s press credentials be returned. 

Insurance giant Aetna to pay more than $25 million following suit

The family of a cancer patient in Oklahoma was awarded $25.5 million by a jury after Aetna denied services to the patient claiming them ‘experimental.’

The jury’s award to the family of the patient, who died before the trial was resolved, is believed to be the largest of its kind in Oklahoma state hisory.

Migrant caravan reaches Tijuana

A portion of the Central American migrant caravan arrived in the Mexican town of Tijuana. The town sits on the border of Mexico and the U.S., and could mark the beginning of a battle between the caravan members seeking asylum and U.S. authorities.

Report of undeclared missile sites in North Korea

A report surfaced that North Korea had 13 undeclared missile operating sites, though the Trump Administration claims they are fully aware of the operating sites and are continuing in negotiations with North Korea.

Keep an eye out for Leonid meteor shower

Watch the skies this weekend for the Leonid Meteor Shower taking place on Nov. 17 to 18. The annual meteor shower occurs when our planet crosses the path of Comet 55P/Temple-Tuttle.

Amazon to split new HQs in New York, Virginia

Amazon announced that they will split their new headquarters with locations in New York and Virginia.

The online retail giant received incentive packages totaling $5.5 billion from the states and will plan to build the new headquarters in New York’s Long Island City and Virginia’s Crystal City.