Supporting Kids Every Taxing Day of the Year

Dear Editor,

Let’s examine ourselves in light of our recent School levy failure to see if we really did everything we possibly could to support Chewelah Schools.

If the fuel you put in your tank didn’t come from a local station that pays ALL state taxes, then you voted NO with your fuel dollars. You have a good selection of auto repair shops, auto parts and tires in Chewelah. If you take your business elsewhere, you supported their schools, NOT ours!

If the bottled water you drink didn’t come from either of our local bottling sources, or if you don’t patronize our local restaurants, then you voted NO with your food and drink dollars.

If the groceries you consume primarily are purchased elsewhere, then you supported their schools, and you voted NO with your grocery dollars on ours.

If the Agency you purchase your Insurance from or other professional services you require, does not have a Chewelah address, you voted NO with your insurance and professional dollars.

If the building supplies and hardware in your house came from an “out of town store”, then you voted NO on our schools with your building and hardware dollars.

Your dental, eye-care, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare supplies are largely available in Chewelah. But, how did you vote with your dollars? This list could go on and on, but either you already know what I’m saying or you’ve already rejected any personal responsibility.

According to a schools website, teachers in Chewelah enjoy average salary and benefits packages worth over $50,000 annually. Well above the average household income of their neighbors. If you want millions of dollars to support local schools, then invest your money to strengthen our local economy. Because the out of town sources you have been supporting, are not supporting our kids or our schools, but WE ARE!

Sincerely, in support of our kids, our families, and our FUTURE, not just on Election Day, but every taxing day of the year!

Carl Pickens