Stevens County Sheriff’s Office, Rescue Team takes part in dramatic ice rescue

(PRESS RELEASE/Stevens County Sheriff’s Office)

On March 17th, 2021 at 1921 hours the Stevens County Sheriff’s Ambulance and Stevens County Team Rescue were paged to Mission Lake in Kettle Falls for an adult subject in a sinking boat. Sheriff’s Deputies also responded.

On arrival, the Stevens County Sheriff’s Ambulance, Sheriff’s Team Rescue and Deputies observed a subject approximately 100 foot off shore of the ice covered lake. There was an
overturned boat with the subject in the water holding on to the ice and a dog thrashing in the water near them.

Team Rescue applied their rescue suits, rescue ropes and used a neighbor’s boat to row through the ice to reach the subject. After reaching the subject they were able to rescue them and the dog. The Stevens County Ambulance EMTs, Team Rescue Personnel and Law Enforcement pulled the Rescuers and the subject back to the shore.

The subject was immediately placed in to the ambulance where Hypothermia procedures were administered. The subject was transported to Providence Mount Carmel Hospital in Colville and released later that night.

The subject had noticed their dogs had gone onto the ice and fallen through. They had taken a small boat onto the ice to try to rescue the dogs, but also fell through and overturned the boat. Neighbor’s heard the subject calling for help and called 911. Unfortunately, one of the dogs was not located.

Without the prompt response from all the rescuers the outcome would likely have been much worse. Stevens County Sheriff Brad Manke commends the hard work, dedication and selflessness of the emergency responders involved.