STEVENS COUNTY FANTASY FOOTBALL: Selkirk QB Jay Link our 2019 season champion

(BRANDON HANSEN/Chewelah Independent)

Jay Link finished 2019 as the leader in the 1B classification for total yards and is the 2019 Stevens County Fantasy Football Champion. (Brandon Hansen photo)

CHAMPION IN GREEN: Selkirk’s Jay Link wins the Stevens County Fantasy Football season championship after leading the 1B classification in yards…

High school fantasy football might be slightly ridiculous, but it’s a lot of fun.

This year, there were a bevy of top performers in NE Washington, from all sorts of different teams and classifications. One player stood out the most, winning our Stevens County Fantasy Football competition several weeks in 2019.

Selkirk QB Jay Link didn’t just lead an impressive team that made the State 1B playoffs; he also put up mind-numbing numbers – and usually just in the first half.

This year, Link threw for 2,618 yards and 43 touchdowns for a QB Rating of 128.7. On the ground he rushed for 861 yards and 10 touchdowns. So profound was his performance this year that he led the entire 1B classification in total yards and TD passes.

So how does that fit in to the Stevens County Fantasy Football equation?

A player scores a point for ten yards rushing or receiving, a point for 25 yards passing, four points for a touchdown pass, six points for a touchdown scored by rushing or receiving and if you score a two-point conversion, that is well… two points.

While point totals were impressive in the SW 2B leagues, once I applied them to the rough and tumble NE 1B leagues around here – they broke the system.

Link is the epitome of this. So this season, Link notched 422 fantasy points with his rushing and passing performances. Throw in 28 points from 14 two-point conversions to bump the total to 450. That works out to an average of 40 fantasy points per game.
Wellpinit, Northport, Hunters and Selkirk have all had individual performances that basically defy logic, but Link in the past two years that had just destroyed every metric we have for our high school fantasy football system.

Link is actually a Chewelah kid, which is part of the reason we started tracking the Pend Oreille squad in our Stevens County fantasy football. But if you consider that Colville is the closest shopping center to Ione, you kind of have to adopt the Rangers into the fold.
For his career, Link passed for 7,243 yards and 103 touchdowns, while also rushing for 2,796 yards and 27 TDs.

If we had some defensive metrics (defensive stats are always hard to get in high school), Link would get even more points because during the few games he played defense this year he looked like a young Deion Sanders.

Selkirk’s trip to the state playoffs was both historic for the Ranger program and put up numbers that boggled the mind. With a core group of fantastic seniors including Link, the squad had a sizable lead by the end of the first quarter in most games.

Link was a big part of that. His passing game was unique to the 1B classification and he had good timing and judgment that could probably get him a starting position in any classification. Throw in that his feet were perhaps the deadliest part about him and you have “Slash” and “Pocket Passer delivering bombs” rolled up into one package.

Selkirk as a team had 5,721 offensive yards this year, meaning that Link accounted for 60 percent of the yardage on the 9-2 Rangers.
When it comes to the trophy, the Chewelah Independent will have to contract something out, so if you have ideas on what we could give Jay, please let us know!

(Because I’m not giving him my Nintendo Switch with Zelda:Breath of the Wild on it.)