Say No to Colville Mountain Peace Symbol

To the Editor:

Regarding the placement of the so called peace symbol on Colville Mountain, the majority of those using that symbol in the past generally were for a craven, groveling, kissing the feet of their oppressor, type of peace. It generally fit in with the definition the communists have for peace, which is the absence of all resistance to communism. The peace symbol was commonly used by many Marxist revolutions and demonstrations throughout the world to sucker in the well meaning and wooly minded.

It fits in with one of their main and consistent programs, that of their foaming at the mouth hatred of Christianity and the destruction of it. How does the so called peace symbol fit in with this?

The peace symbol has been used for thousands of years as one of the Satanists favorite icons. The so called peace symbol is actually an inverted (upside down) broken cross used routinely by the anti-Christ. Saint Peter was reportedly murdered (crucified) on just such an inverted cross.

The peace symbol is also referred to as Nero’s cross because in his war on the early Christians he routinely put them on such crosses covering them with pitch, igniting them to be used to light his parties and orgies at night.

The term peace symbol is of course the exact opposite of what it really is. It is actually the symbol of the satanic anti-Christ perpetual war on Christianity.

Since the placement of a Christian symbol, The Cross on the mountain has been denied, because it was on city property the council can’t seriously be considering the placement of a satanic, anti-Christ religious symbol on the same site?

Remember, “The double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Vote no regarding this evil icon.

Roland Hornor, Colville