Sasquatch continues to climb Chewelah Peak

(BRANDON HANSEN/Chewelah Independent)

David Govedare stands next to his Sasquatch monument intended for 49 Degrees North. (Courtesy photo)

MONUMENT IN THE MAKING: Artist David Govedare continues to make progress with Sasquatch monument…

Reknowned Chewelah artist David Govedare is getting closer to his goal of having Sasquatch at 49 Degrees North. Govedare plans to have the Sasquatch monument placed on the top of the ski hill. In an update provided by the artist, the Sasquatch monument is a nine-foot tall metal sculpture that will be one-of-a-kind and unique to the Pacific Northwest.

“The progress of our work is at 65 percent complete with a steady and continuing effort,” Govedare said.

The Chewelah artist is a believer in Sasquatch, and feels that the Pacific Northwest, particularly NE Washington, is a perfect spot for the legendary cultural icon. He thought there should be a monument on Chewelah Peak that reflects this.

“I follow credible evidence around the world of various Sasquatch sightings,” Govedare, a Chewelah resident, said. “There seems to be real evidence of a species around the world. It seems they’re built as beings that can run and truly live and exist in the same kind of environment we live and play in.”

The upright walking, ape-like creature that has a whole festival dedicated to him in Chewelah has been a North American folktale and in Native American traditional stories for centuries. But Bigfoot is the only folktale to have glimpses on videos, photos and footprints.

Soon he could be seen clearly as a monumental near Chewelah.

After a long planning process by Govedare, all of the body armature is complete, with the copper-plated cast iron face also finished. The hands and feet are attached as well.

“We are at the final stage now of attaching and shaping thousands of cor-ten steel hair strands,” Govedare said. “Our studio has basically become an industrial steel hair salon. The wonderful nine-foot-tall creature is a giant presence in the studio every day.”

While the original timeline for installation on the mountain is out the window, Govedare said, they are making steady progress. Putting the hair on Sasquatch is involved as each panel of hair strands get individually heated, twisted and “curved to exude a life force,” Govedare added. “This is currently being be done, and someday soon our Sasquatch will stand in the wild,” Govedare said.

Govedare has several sponsors who have donated money to get Sasquatch to this point, but there are still other sponsorship opportunities possible. Govedare said those interested in sponsoring the project should call him at 509-935-6108.

Sponsors to date include 49 Degrees North as a gold sponsor, Rich Richmond Logging as a silver sponsor, along with Vaagen Bros. Lumber Inc., Russ Vaagen’s family, CD’A Metals, Cam Buffington’s family and the Voltz family as bronze sponsors and Lane Mountain Co. as an honorable mention.

Supporters, Please feel free to visit the studio and see Sasquatch! Potential supporters,There are $15K in sponsorships still available to become a recognized anchor partner of this monument. For more info, contact Dave Govedare at Great Wheel Studio at 509-935-6108.