Remember When for Dec. 5, 2019

Here is the Remember When column in the Chewelah Independent for Dec. 5, 2019…

110 Years Ago – December 3, 1909
John Humphrey of Bluecreek was in town to inform us that the directors of the Bluecreek School district were about to let a contract for a new school building which will be a 24 X 40 foot one story structure which will meet the district’s needs for some time to come.

100 Years Ago – December 5, 1919
With the arrival of real winter weather this past week, the fuel situation in Spokane is becoming acute with green 16-inch wooid selling in the city for $5 per rick while coal was retailing at $1.00 per 90 pound bag with a limit of one sack per customer. In the face of this condition, the charge has been made by Spokane fuel dealers that coal produced in the state is being held up by the fuel administrator, while coal shipped from British Columbia, Wyoming and Utah was being released.

70 Years Ago – December 1, 1949
Chewelah area veterans were invited to the free service offered in making photo static copies of their original discharge papers. It will be necessary to submit a copy when applying for the Washington State Bonus. The state’s Veterans Office urged those who need copies to bring their original papers to the employment office in Chewelah.

60 Years Ago – December 10, 1959
The ski lodge was the scene of much activity when the annual ski school begins in January for eight weeks. The lodge is complete with a ski shop and cafeteria. The purpose of the ski school is to promote interest in skiing and to provide needed instruction for many who may not be able to afford lessons, A registration fee of $1.00 was charged to help cover the cost of arm patches, bookkeeping supplies, etc. All that is needed is a little cooperation from the weatherman.

50 Years Ago – December 4, 1969
Pretty, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Karen Weitensteiner was selected by the Manito Lions Club as a candidate for Miss Spokane XXII. Karen is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Weitensteiner of Valley. She graduated from Jenkins High School in 1966, attended WSU and is a graduate of Kinman Business University of Spokane.

40 Years Ago – December 6, 1979
Five minute tours of Lane Mountain Silica were being feature on Spokane public television. The program is focusing on the mill and the quarry and are brief education features according to Frances Trapp of the Valley company.

30 Years Ago – November 30, 1989
According to Denny Burmeister, another six inches of snow was needed to open the 49 Degrees North ski area. All areas in the region have had to delay opening due to the lack of snow.
An amateur dog sled pulling contest was added to the list of activities for the year’s Festival of Lights.

20 Years Ago – December 2, 1999
With the December 10 deadline approaching, the Time Capsule project was attracting a number of interesting submissions. Several organizations and individuals had prepared historical summaries and memorabilia.
Owen Bario, founder of Dawn Watch, was named as a 1999 “Environmental Hero.”

10 Years Ago – December 3, 2009
Stevens County was one of several counties in Washington State which qualified for disaster assistance due to drought that occurred from Jan. 1, 2009 through December.
Over 250 nativity scenes were to be displayed at the Chewelah Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints.
Santa had agreed to appear in Chewelah to open the annual Festival of Lights and planned to visit the Santa Social to take requests for gifts to be delivered for Christmas.