Questions UN Ploy


Evidences of chemical weapon (CW) use in Syria are tenuous, and do not justify plunging further into genocidal holocaust.

After the gas poisoning of 130 people, including soldiers, at government controlled Khan Al-Assai, Aleppo, March 19, Syria asked the UN to investigate. The UN agreed, but came to insist that Syria grant investigators access throughout Syria, with negotiable rules. Syria says no.

The poisoning appears to have been from chlorine gas. Opposition forces gained control of 400 one-ton gas-filled tanks from Syria’s only chlorine factory, which was near Aleppo.

UN officials rightly suspect that Syria possesses CW, received from Iraq before US-led invasion, 2003; but ignore that al-Qaeda-linked forces, that now fight Syria, over-ran an arms depot with CW near Benghazi, 2011. That CW on both sides be defused, the UN should rather insist that the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) agree to talks to which Syria is open.

But the SNC and its Command are dominated by Islamists who aim to impose Shariah Law on all Syria. The US has sold thousands of tons of weapons to Saudia Arabia and Qatar, who have directed these destructive instruments to the opposition. While the CIA has trained some opposition, the US has directly given it ‘non-lethal’ aid, including wheat. Most Syrians know the despair which accompanies the opposition. Does the US-Saudi-UN ploy teeter on the Creator’s red line?

Jay Marston