PROSECUTOR’S COLUMN: Update from the Prosecutor’s Office on cases

(TIM RASSMUSSEN/Stevens County Prosecutor)

The Diversion program is up and running. We have identified several persons who can qualify and have invited them to join the program. The persons have responded with interest and we have signed contracts with some of them. The folks invited are those we think could best benefit and who could qualify. I have a meeting soon with the commissioners to ask for some flexibility in the fee structure in order to make sure we can serve as many folks as possible. We will see.

The program has also investigated starting a re-licensing program under the same umbrella. We are investigating the possibilities of using the existing re-licensing program from Spokane County to serve Stevens County folks. I hope it works out, because many people are caught in a trap of having their license suspended. They are unable to get the money to pay to get the license and unable to work because they do not have the license. Catch 22.

Several days ago, Mr. Morgan Beadle, who had previously pleaded guilty to Murder in the First Degree, was sentenced. Judge Monasmith was the judge at the sentencing hearing. The judge listened to the evidence from the state and from the defendant, but there was no one present to give a victim’s impact statement. The state requested 25 years be imposed, and the defense argued for the minimum sentence of 20. The court read a report produced by an expert for the defense pointing out the mental state of Mr. Beadle, but after noting the report was very thorough, declined to allow the expert to testify by telephone. After all the presentations, Judge Monasmith sentenced Beadle to 25 years. Beadle was transported to prison shortly after the hearing.

The arrest warrant for Russell Bolton has been served on him in West Virginia. He was located by the United States Marshal Service and was taken into custody without incident. He made an appearance in court in West Virginia and waived extradition. He will be transported to Stevens County sometime in the next 30 days or so by the Marshal Service. The state will be asking a significant bond be imposed when he appears in Superior Court.

The federal lawsuit filed by Dennis Patterson has finally been dismissed. He had been allowed to amend his complaint five times, but then Mr. Patterson refused to submit to a deposition on several occasions, so the court dismissed his claims against Stevens County. Predictably, Mr. Patterson has appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. A warrant remains outstanding for his arrest for his failure to report to jail to finish his sentence of 10 days. Because the warrant is for a misdemeanor charge, it is effective only in Washington State.