New jobless claims fall again in the United States

(STAFF REPORTS/Chewelah Independent)

Slow economic recovery continues in the United States…

New jobless claims in the United States fell to 860,000 last week, which is the lowest number since the pandemic began but continues to be at a historically high level.

This is well down from the peak of 6.9 million in the last week of March. But compared to pre-pandemic numbers, its still high as the previous high for jobless claims before COVID-19 was set in 1982 of 695,000.

Counting jobless claims numbers, the number of people of people already receiving state unemployment benefits fell by 916,000 to 12.63 million which is the lowest level since April 4, when the COVID-19 virus hit the US and shut down the economy.

These numbers are through state programs and not those on federal assistance, which is more than double that number. Roughly 29.7 million people are still claiming some type of unemployment benefit. In 2019, the number was at 1.5 million people.

At the end of August the states with the highest unemployment rates were Hawaii (20.3%), California (17.3%) and Nevada (15.6%).