New Commissioners Sworn in Christmas Eve


 Two new Stevens County Commissioners, Wes McCart and Steve Parker, took their oaths of office on Christmas Eve before an unusually large crowd of attendees. Over 70 people packed the Stevens County Superior Court room and made amendments to an otherwise short ceremony.

The ceremony, presided over by Superior Court Judge Allen Nielson, administered the oaths of office to both commissioners-elect. However, the routine event featured some particular requests from both Commissioner Parker and the attendees. Commissioner Steve Parker asked that he be sworn in with his hand on a Bible, although it was not formally required.

One attendee asked that the ceremony also include the Pledge of Allegiance. After McCart and Parker were sworn in, another attendee stood and asked that the county work to ban Genetically Modified Organisms in the county. A public request was also made that the county work to prevent the implementation of Agenda 21. A final request was made that the Pastor of Marble Community Fellowship, Barry Byrd, close the event with a prayer.

The oaths taken by McCart and Parker affirmed that they will, “support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Washington” to the best of their abilities.