Minor 2.9 earthquake hits Southwest Washington

(STAFF REPORTS/Centralia Chronicle)

A minor 2.9-magnitude earthquake was felt near Onalaska in Southwestern Washington Thursday afternoon. Although calls came into the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office and Lewis County Emergency Management was made aware of the incident, emergency responders were not dispatched, as there was no concern of structural damage. Deputy Director of Emergency Management Andy Caldwell said no response was warranted due to the low magnitude of the quake.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake was detected 1 kilometer west/southwest of Onalaska, 22.4 kilometers below the surface.

“If we have a catastrophic earthquake, a lot of bridges in Lewis County could be impassable, so it’s always good to think about alternate routes, how you’re going to let your family know you’re okay, things like that,” Caldwell said.