Look to NOAA for weather information


Hello Chewelah neighbor, as we approach last year’s Chewelah Creek “high water anniversary” I am writing to share information with you. For years now I have been first listening on the C.B. radio, then the shortwave scanner and now looking at NOAA Spokane online. NOAA stands for: National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. They will warn us of natures approaching situations that may have an impact on our environment and our well being. Type in “noaa spokane,” top listing will be: National Weather Service-NWS Spokane-NOAA “and click”. You can then click “Forecast by City” you can click anywhere on the nice map shown there for a pinpoint forecast.

As of this writing they say today will be 47 degrees on Calispell peak. Also online is wonderful information on “Flood Preparedness”, proper ways to fill sand bags and such.


Glen Hughes