Kirk-Patterson, Miller place 8th

sports tennis team-at-stateSix athletes represented Chewelah last weekend at the State tournament in Yakima. Due to rain in the morning, the tournament was moved indoors and never moved back outside Friday, to the disappointment of most players, coaches and fans. This made for an extremely long day on only 8 courts.
Collin Kirk-Patterson and Mason Miller earned 8th place in their final match. In their first match they played a tough opponent from Overlake who were super aggressive at the net and went on to claim second place in the tournament. This put them into the loser’s bracket and because of the rain, they played only a proset against Kiona Benton. After a slow 2-5 start the pair talked to their coach and won 9 straight points by serving down the middle, poaching at the net, taking bigger angle shots and putting the ball away for an 8-6 victory. In their third match at 9 p.m., they played Granger and maintained a great attitude throughout the entire match. With lots of authoritative poaching and winning slice shots that grabbed the floor and refused to bounce, the duo won 8-4, sending them to an early morning Saturday match against Furbeyre and Worrall from St. George’s. Chewelah started out tough with a 7-5 first set win but seemed deflated in the second and third sets even though they had some great rallies 2-6, 2-6. Over the season, K.P and Miller earned league doubles MVP’s, 1st place at Districts, 1st place at Regionals and 8th at State.
Bethany Kofmehl and Becka Kenney played their first match against Okanogan. Kenney was on fire at the net putting it away with smashes and little drop shots and Kofmehl was the consistent baseline player. They burned lots of allies and won 6-4, 7-5. Their second match was against University Prep who hit the ball really hard. They had to learn to stay deep on the baseline and take some angle off their serve receives and move their feet. The pair was in every game, but the competition proved too much in the end 3-6, 5-7. In their final match against Naches against a set of sisters who charged the net a lot, Kenney and Kofmehl ran out of steam and tried to hit alleys and backhands of the weaker player, but their strategy didn’t work and they lost 5-8. Over the season, Kenney and Kofmehl earned league doubles MVP’s, 1st place at Districts and 1st place at Regionals.
Ryann Richmond and Tenika Smith started out the tourney against the eventual champs from Cashmere who were following in the footsteps of their older sisters. Richmond served poorly, but made up for it with her great lobs keeping the ball away from the net people who weren’t friendly. Smith made consistent shots but was often times schooled by the Bulldogs winning shots. In their second match they faced Montesano. They had to use patience on their baseline ground strokes and be aggressive at the net along with great lobs, but still lost 5-8. Over the season, Richmond and Smith were voted All Conference in singles and were 3rd at Districts in doubles and 3rd at Regionals in doubles.
The Cougars would like to thank their supporters over the season. Especially Kim Johnstone for taking pictures, Kelly Flanagan for organizing the Parent/Player night, Chris Smith for running the Burger stand, Peggy Richmond for drinks on the way to state and the anonymous donor who gave everyone who went to State a $50 gift card.
Submitted by JHS Tennis

In This Photo: Even though the State tournament started out with rain, the team closed the tourney with a smile and some sunshine. Coach Heidi Wulczynski, Tenika Smith, Ryann Richmond, Mason Miller, Collin Kirk-Patterson, Becka Kenney, Bethany Kofmehl and Coach Denise Smith.