Kids need parental guidance


On Easter Sunday, as a chairman of the Kiwanis’ Easter Egg Hunt I took 2000 plastic eggs, some of which had been opened and enough change to make about $105 had been added, to the city park. On the way I noticed a birthday party going on at the Fireman’s pavilion. When I got to South end of the park, the Boy Scouts were there and ready to go.

After some instructions to the boys, we started to put out eggs. I headed to the little league field along with two scouts to put out several hundred eggs. When I got back to the egg supply, someone told me that the kids at the pavilion were already picking up eggs. I could not believe the adults at the party would allow this, so I walked to the pavilion and as loud as I could, said, “The egg hunt starts at 1 o’clock and you are welcome to join us, until then please leave the eggs alone.”

With about ten minutes to HUNT time, one of the Boy Scout mothers came to me with several crushed eggs and the story that the young people from the pavilion had stepped on them. Again I could not believe the adults at the birthday party had passed up this opportunity to teach young people about the rights of others and actions of good conduct. Perhaps the adults were so caught in what they were doing that they forgot about their responsibilities.

Let it be said that no child at the hunt went home without finding an egg or two. Kids in jeans, Sunday best, everyday clothes and pretty Easter dresses ran to find their prizes. In under three minutes nearly two thousand eggs were in baskets, pails and sacks. Then they went home to celebrate Easter, each in their own way.

Kiwanis has a motto: “Saving the world, one child at a time.” May we all remember the true meaning of Easter. I believe all young people are good, they just need to be guided a little bit.

I had a great time on Sunday and will be back next year to cast eggs on the grass.

President of Kiwanis,

Cal Greenaway


Kids need parental guidance