Keller Ferry to be shut down between Dec. 4-22


DOWNTIME: Keller Ferry getting permanent repairs to hull and United States Coast Guard inspection…

Keller Ferry users who travel across the Columbia River on State Route 21 will need to find alternate routes.

The M/V Sanpoil will be removed from service starting Wednesday, Dec. 4, through Sunday, Dec. 22, in order for crews working for the Washington State Department of Transportation to make permanent repairs to the hull and allow the United States Coast Guard to inspect the vessel.

During the closure the ferry will be moved to dry ground near the Keller Ferry Rest Area. While the ferry is out of the water, crews will weld cracks and add struts to reduce stress on the hull. Once the repairs are complete, the Coast Guard will inspect the vessel. The ferry is scheduled to resume service on Monday, Dec. 23.

Travelers planning trips across the Columbia River on SR 21 should choose an alternate route during the closure via SR 25 or SR 155 and SR 174. Plan additional time for travel as it can take up to an hour to complete the detour.