Jessica Cochran names Distinguished Young Woman of Chewelah

Jessica Cochran is this year’s Distinguished Young Woman of Chewelah after participating in the state’s “At-Large” program. (Courtesy photo)

(PRESS RELEASE/Distinguished Young Women Program)

Jessica Cochran, daughter of Keith and Sara Cochran and a 16-year-old Junior at Quartzite Learning was recently awarded the title of Distinguished Young Woman of Chewelah. Because Chewelah did not have a local program this year, Jessica participated in Washington State’s “At-Large” program, which is open to all eligible junior goals who do not have access to a local program.

Jessica competed in Scholastics, Fitness, Talent, Self-Expression, and Interview, just like she would have in a local program. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the competition was all virtual this year. Her high school transcripts were sent in by her school and judged by an academic panel, her fitness was taught through a YouTube video and then recorded and submitted, and her 90-second talent was a modern dance choreographed by Melanie Huff which was submitted by video as well.

She received her Self-Expression question 24 hours prior to the video response deadline, and her 10-minute Interview with the Judges took place live over Zoom. In the State “At-Large” program, your scores must be high enough to earn your city’s title and qualify for the State competition later this summer. Jessica’s scores met the qualifications, and she will be attending the state program the first weekend in August.

It is undecided at this point if the competition will take place in person in Pullman like the previous years, or virtually like the “At-Large” program she participated in. Congratulations to Jessica Cochran for being able to represent Chewelah as their Distinguished Young Woman of 2021-2022!