Help Wes McCart Succeed As Commissioner


I would like to congragulate Wes McCart for his recent election as a Commissioner, District 1, Stevens County.

Although I did not vote for him, I live in his District, and of course I live in Stevens County, so he will now be my County Commissioner.

I would like him to succeed as one of our Commissioners since our County is in terrible shape. I will do everything I can to help him succeed, as all he needs to do is ask.

Wes had the full backing and support of almost all the Republican elected officials and the Stevens County Republican Party, however, he barely won the election by a little over 1,000 votes. That in itself, is a mystery to me, although I have my own personal opinions on the matter.

I want Wes to succeed, The people have spoken and Wes will become one of our Commissioners. Besides myself, all of us need to do everything to help Wes succeed. We need an effective leader to represent District 1.

Mike Brunson, Capt., USAF (Ret)