Ferry County Jail COVID-19 case leads to no additional cases

Ferry County Jail COVID-19 case leads to no additional cases


On September 23, 2020 Northeast Tri County Health District (NETCHD) received confirmation of the first COVID-19 case within the Ferry County Jail, located in Republic. On September 25, facility-wide testing of approximately 18 inmates and 9 employees were completed. Results were received and all individuals tested were negative for COVID-19. As a precaution on October 2, a subsequent round of testing was completed, and we are pleased to report all tests were again negative.

Practiced COVID-19 safety protocols and the ability of the Ferry County Sherriff’s office to quickly isolate the individual away from the rest of the jail population played an important role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 throughout the facility.

Ferry County Sheriff’s office partnered with the State’s deployment team, who was utilized to assess the needs of the facility, provide guidance on isolation and quarantine quarters, and offer recommendations on additional COVID safety measures specific to the facility.

We want to thank both the Ferry County Sheriff’s office and Ferry County Memorial Hospital/Ferry County Health for their cooperation with NETCHD and State agencies in quickly responding to this situation. This partnership is invaluable for our communities.

While weekly testing is no longer necessary, Ferry County Jail will continue their practiced COVID-19 safety protocols including health screenings, wearing masks, sanitizing high-touch surfaces regularly, and encouraging frequent hand washing.

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