Feels ‘Duped’ by School Board

Well, now, don’t I feel silly. I was apparently duped by the Chewelah School Board when they pleaded for passage of a capital bond in a January 31, 2013 letter to the editor saying: “The Chewelah School District has reached a pivotal point in time when we can no longer ignore the status of our facilities.” Previous The Independent articles reported that the project would have modernized all existing square footage and added another 19,500 square feet, which may have included five new classrooms at Jenkins High School. From Nov. 8, 2012: “The additional $500,000 from the project cost would be used toward making needed improvements at Gess Elementary to extend the life of the building that is over 20 years old. Linehan said Gess needs a new HVAC system and all windows replaced. These improvements would improve the overall learning experience for students at Gess Elementary, Principal Jerry Pugh said.”
And I believed them.
The bond having failed, the district is attempting to reach its goals by successive short-term levies that require only a simple majority to pass. Given the above, would a reasonable person not expect that their top priority would be facility needs that “would improve the overall learning experience for students?” Instead, their first priority is a track for a non-curricular sport! Apparently, the kids that deserve ‘whatever it takes’ are only those who participate in track.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. You won’t fool me again, Chewelah School District. You have lost my confidence and my vote.

Kathy Johnson