Fall 2020 prescribed pile burning notice at Lake Roosevelt


Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area may implement the following pile burns during the fall of 2020.

Pile locations:

– Martin Creek, 12 acres, about 3 miles south of Haag Cove, Ferry County
– Hunters, 4 acres, near Hunters Campground, Stevens County
– Rickey Point, 8 acres adjacent to Rickey Point Road, Stevens County
– One large pile at each of the following locations: Stevens County -Evans, Kettle
Falls, Gifford, Lincoln County -Fort Spokane, Keller Ferry, and Spring Canyon

A goal of prescribed fire in Ponderosa Pine ecosystems is to decrease forest fuel loads adjacent to recreation areas, residences and structures. Benefits will include:

– Reduced small fuels, which are primary fire carriers,
– Decreased risk and intensity of uncontrolled wildfires,
– Increased nutrients for trees and understory,
– Increased understory plant diversity and natural reseeding of trees.

Pile ignitions may occur through December. Pile burns at each location should be completed in one to three days. Public and firefighter safety are always the highest priority in all fire management activities. Project areas will be carefully monitored until they are fully extinguished. Residual smoke may be observed for up to two weeks in each unit post ignition.

Wildland fire management activities conducted by the National Park Service (NPS) are guided by NPS management policies and the Guidance for Implementation of Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy, 2009.

The National Park Service is strongly committed to firefighter and public safety. Additional information may be found on the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area website at www.nps.gov/laro.