Don’t Drink and Drive

Dear Sirs,
We’ve all heard the saying, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” The same is true about cars. Every year there are thousands of deaths due to motor vehicle accidents. Also, a couple drinks in the local bar aren’t going to kill you or someone else. That bottle of wine you drank with dinner at the steak house won’t run a red and hit those pedestrians. They are inanimate objects incapable of thought or purpose. But the humans that interact with them are. You make that conscience decision to get that “buzz” or just finish that last glass and a half in the wine bottle. And then you decide that yes, I am going to drive. I need those smokes. I need some chips. I need to get another half rack. Whatever the reason you’re boozed up mind comes up with, isn’t good enough.
Drinking and driving can be stopped. The senseless killing of men, women and children can be stopped. You can stop your actions. Don’t drink and drive. Let someone else drive you home. Call a taxi cab. Walk home. Sleep on the floor, the couch, the front porch, in the barn or garage. Don’t decide you are “man” enough, that you can handle those drinks. Are you man enough and can explain that to a distraught family of a person you have maimed or killed? How do you face your family when you have lost your job due to that DUI? What do you say to your best friend’s mom, when you sober up and the cop tells you that your best friend is gone forever?
You can’t bring them back. You can’t make it right. There are no fines big enough. There is no apology sincere enough. There is no jail sentence long enough.
Just don’t do it. Don’t drink and drive.
Stevens County MADD
Doll Linton
Kettle Falls