CPS is Not Acting Properly


It is my understanding that Child Protective Services (CPS) is to do all they can to get a child placed back with their birth parents or find unification within the family for the child to be placed before any action of adoption is ever mentioned. Am I wrong in what I am reading online from Colville CPS and the Ombudsman’s report? Is it legal for CPS to not follow protocol regarding the unification of a child?

This is in regards to a baby that was taken at two days old and is now 14 months old. Isn’t it true that if family members step up and state they will do all they can to have the child put in to their custody that CPS is to take appropriate action for that to happen? Is it legal for CPS to decide to take away parental rights and adopt a child out because the foster mother has done the one thing she was not to ever do – get attached. They are only a foster parent.

In 2007 there were several stipulations put in place so families could be reunited with each other. I have read many times about how Colville CPS was going to do so much better and I have yet to see this happen.

This is my granddaughter that I am referring to and there is a lot of family that CPS is not even giving half of a thought to uniting this baby girl with. She deserves to be with family, not foster family. Real family. Blood family. Isn’t this the way it should be or is it ok to feel like your family has been stolen. This is what I feel inside and I don’t understand why nothing has changed since 2007.

Traci Kistenmacher, Yelm, Wash.