Cougar athlete goes to two state tournaments this spring

(BRANDON HANSEN/Chewelah Independent)

Becca Bennett

BUSY WEEK: Becca Bennett goes to 2B State Golf and Softball Tournaments in the same week…

When Chewelah sent teams to the State 2B Golf Tournament and the State 2B Softball Tournament, there was one constant: student athlete Becca Bennett.

The Chewelah freshman had perhaps the busiest Springs of any athlete, playing both golf and softball for the Cougars.

“I grew up around softball, because my mom used to coach,” Bennett said. “So, when I was around four-years old, my mom put me into t-ball. Then I went on to play organized softball through the Chewelah girls youth softball program.”

For golf, her grandpa would take Bennett and her sisters up to the golf course when she was 10 or 11, and it was during that time she learned she really enjoyed the sport.

Bennett was the only freshman playing softball this year and she found a hard time choosing between the two sports so she went with both.

“My coaches managed me playing both sports by communicating with me and each other to make sure I knew when tournaments and games were and when I should go to practice,” Bennett said. “They also made sure I kept up with my school work.”

Bennett remembers the first golf tournament she played at the varsity level, as it was at home at the Chewelah Golf and Country Club.

“I got to meet three different girls from different schools whom thankfully were around my age,” Bennett said. “We just had a lot of fun golfing and getting to know each other.”

During softball, she enjoyed dragging the infield with senior Kennedy Robison.

“She told me that I’m already and star and to do what I love,” Bennett said. “I also love the feeling of being a part of a team.”

Switching between sports is a mental change, as when you make a mistake in golf, you’re only hurting yourself.

“But in softball a mistake could hurt your whole team and even cost you the game,” Bennett said. “In both sports, I just have to stay focused on what I’m doing and have fun.”

Bennett’s postseason schedule was a bit extreme. After the golf team played at state, they then met up with the softball team in Ritzville on their way home from Olympia and dropped Bennett off with them. Bennett then went from Ritzville to Yakima. She was gone from Sunday morning to Saturday night late: a whole week of playing varsity sports.

“Through all this, my family, coaches and teammates have helped me the most,” Bennett said. “My coaches and teammates keep me up to date with everything that’s going on.”

From her family picking her up and taking her to classes and games, along with helping make sure she gets her homework done, it certainly is a team effort to help Bennett make sure she gets where she needs to go, on and off the field or course.

“They root for me no matter which sport I’m playing,” Bennett said.