CIVICS CORNER: How has the US population grown over the years?

(Staff Reports)

Population has exploded in last 100 years…

The current estimated US population is 327 million people which is a six percent jump from 308 million people in 2010. Compare that back to 1790 when the US population was 3.9 million people.

That number grew to 12.8 million by 1830, The largest growth in US population happened between 1840 and 1850 when the population increased by 35.9 percent to 23.1 million people.

When the Civil War broke out, the number of US citizens was 31.4 million. Breaking the 100-million person mark did not occur until 1920, and the 200-million person mark was reached in 1970 when 203 million people were recorded by the census.

The US hit over 300 million people in 2006. Over 81 percent of the US’ population lives in cities and suburbs and the United Nations expects the US population to hit 400 million in 2050.