City of Chewelah gets new website

(BRANDON HANSEN/Chewelah Independent)


LOG ON: City gets new website with new look, easier navigation and more features…

The City of Chewelah has a new website with a bevy of new features. After many months of work, has been updated to handle a variety of municipal tasks online.

Former City Councilwoman Cori Wuesthoff pushed a new website, and after approved and budgeted by the City Council, Mayor Assistant Brenda Stroyan and Mayor Knauss have been working on the task with webdesigners since last November.

The previous website was created half a decade ago, and while functional and informative, Stroyan said it could not be expanded upon. Oregon-based Municode, which specializes in government websites, provided the city with what Stroyan called “ a simple, user-friendly template along with integrating some of the components we felt were essential in meetings the needs of Chewelah. The website is now ADA compliant for the visually impaired and easier to navigate.”

It also has an “Upcoming Events” page that provides information about upcoming meetings, public hearings and city happenings. There is also a feature where you can add these events to your Outlook or Google calendars.

The “Latest News” page will allow the city to release important information about the community. There is also a search bar with advanced search capabilities, along with new background photos of the community provided by local journalists, Carol Ann Peck and photos from the Chewelah Museum.

The development of the website was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, so the total process took about a year to complete.

“Chewelah’s new Municode website is in its infancy, and we hope to continue building and providing new features as our needs and budget allow,” Stroyan
said. “We hope to provide community members with a website that is easy to navigate, provides quick access to important information and is accessible to all.”