Chewelah Creative District being recognized

(PRESS RELEASE/Chewelah Creative District)

Between the promotion by the WA/ARTS and the collaborations with the other Creative Districts, Chewelah is now recognized as a destination community throughout the State. The Chewelah Creative District (CCD) has been asked to present at several meetings from Northern Idaho to the annual Cultural Conference held in Toppenish last fall. The conversations have  gone from “what is Chewelah?” to “where is Chewelah?”.

History of the Chewelah Creative District
Chewelah became the second designated Creative District in Washington State on June 29th, 2019. Over the last year the CCD has developed the By-laws, business structure, accomplished the required State registrations and was approved by the IRS as a 501c(3). Our Board of Directors was established with the original 15 collaborative partners. These partners represent a broad section of the Chewelah community: Chewelah Chamber, PACA, Arts Guild, Community Celebrations, City of Chewelah, TEDD, WSU Extension, Stevens County Library, Chewelah Makers/New Creators Workshop, Chewelah Schools, Spokane Tribe of Indians and several
community members at large.

Mission Statement
Our mission statement has three components: create an enriching environment for local citizens, the continual growth and sustainability of area businesses and provide an engaging experience for all visitors.

Grant opportunities
The CCD has been approved for a $24,500 grant with a matching funds requirement from the Washington Arts Commission (WA/ARTS). We are in the process of acquiring the matching funds and would like the City to be a partner in getting this completed. The match will effectively turn the $24,500 into a $49,000 total budget. All the projects below have been approved by WA/ARTS and are designed to attract and keep people in Chewelah. We feel that the continued promotion of local assets will attract more visitors, businesses, and long-term residents.

Identified projects
The WA/ARTS commission has agreed to allow us to take on these three projects.

Approved Grant Projects
Wayfinding signage – These would be signs that inform, provide orientation, navigation and identify landmarks.   Examples are museum, restaurants, arts facilities, antiques, historical walk, parking, etc. The signs are in the design phase and will be identified by September 1st.

Wall murals – The CCD has identified several locations in Chewelah have potential for wall murals. Murals are proven assets for communities that help define its uniqueness and enhance  visitor experience and encourages  “stay and play”.

CCD kiosk – Plans are being designed for a second kiosk for the downtown area. In the near future we should have cost and location parameters identified. This kiosk will complement the current kiosk at the City Park.

WSDOT Highway signage
These signs will be earmarking Chewelah as a Creative District for attract travelers to stop by and spend some time in Chewelah. For more information email The CCD is a 501c(3) organization and tax-deductible donations can be sent to:

Chewelah Creative District
PMB 123 401 S. Park
Chewelah, WA 99109