Wyatt Griepp is the local, friendly and handsome “Turd Herder.” (KS Brooks photo)

(KS BROOKS/Chewelah Independent) 

You’ve seen the “Turd Herder” signs, now meet the man…

No doubt you’ve probably seen signs for “The Turd Herder” – they line Highway 395 going through Chewelah. The signs state that the Turd Herder cleans drains of all sizes, and that he is “local, friendly, handsome.” The latter part is at no extra charge.

The Turd Herder is Wyatt Griepp, and while he has a sense of humor about the name of his business, he himself is serious about his work and is bonded, licensed and insured. Griepp said it was a struggle to get his company going during the pandemic only because it was next to impossible to get a hold of the people he needed to in order to get his licensing.

And now that he is ready to go legally, Griepp has signs all around town. He specializes in “any sort of labor involving drains – if your line needs to be dug up, camera snake lines – anything revolving around sewer and drainage,” Griepp told the Independent. He will take care of toilet clogs and will clear sinks – and he’ll be there if your sewer is backing up out of the shower or bathtub or toilet. “I will do what the Turd Herder does,” Griepp said.

“I work all the way to … Ferry County, Stevens County and Spokane County and will expand as needed. I’m always happy to help,” he explained. Griepp also does work for commercial businesses and is open to doing contracts.

When asked what makes the Turd Herder different than other businesses in his industry, Griepp replied, “Compared to other brands, I charge a lot less. … I do good, hard work; everything’s clean and safe, I use a clean, go-green concrobium SP – a green solution … to protect from mold, and it’s safe.” He explained that there can be “Over ten thousand strains of bacteria in sewage, and the Turd Herder is safe and clean, protecting the sanitation of our nation.

“I think just because I don’t have to pay for employees,” Griepp continued, referring to his low prices, “I see during the COVID season, people aren’t having as much income, and I’d rather not be Scrooge McDuck so people can use their shower. I’ve seen people not be able to use their toilets for weeks. It’d haunt me in my dreams if I didn’t go help them.”

Griepp, who turned 23 this month, was a plumber for four years with West One, his father’s business. “I was blessed by mainly learning a lot of old construction, just learning about housing, water replacement lines, sewer pumps, just learning the meat and potatoes of everything, as my father would say,” Griepp explained. His father actually talked him into going into business for himself, “a little bit,” and his mother was the one who came up with the name for the company. “They’ll never forget your name,” Griepp said she had told him.

And the name does get attention. “People do laugh when they hear the name,” he said. At one job, a woman’s “daughter just started crying laughing. ‘Maybe that wasn’t the best decision’,” he recalled she had said to him.

The Turd Herder’s business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., but he is available 24/7 for emergencies. He can be reached at 509-936-3731 or through his Facebook page at