Annual Pub Crawl Fundraiser Supports Chewelah Pet Rescue

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It is time for the much-anticipated Second Annual Pub Crawl and Poker for Pets. This is a 50/50 fundraiser for Becky’s Best Buddies Pet Rescue. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased from ChewVino, Sporty’s, Main Street Bistro, Becky Washington, or Aubrey Markel. Mark your calendars for November 21, 5-9 p.m. It is a great way to get out and mingle with friends on a Saturday night, and support a good cause in the process!
Becky’s Best Buddies has been active in Stevens County for about 19 years. BBB has been trying to meet the need of Stevens County residents, especially those south of Colville. For the last five years, Becky’s Best Buddies has rehomed over 235 animals, mostly dogs, but a few cats, and rabbits, too. Over 600 dogs have passed through Becky’s Best Buddies. Many of these dogs need spayed or neutered, and most need vaccinations. Since the last Pub Crawl, 68 dogs have been placed into new homes. This fundraiser will help with the costs of taking in and rehoming these dogs for Chewelah, and the surrounding area. In 2015, half of the dogs seen by BBB were strays, coming from as far south as Nine Mile Falls, and as far north as Kettle Falls. The other dogs have been owner surrender, either because of life circumstances, death or having chosen the wrong breed in the first place. Without a place to safely take these dogs, many would have been euthanized, and some could have become those “dumped” dogs that turn up on rural residents property.
Participants in the Pub Crawl will try to win 50 percent of the ticket sale proceeds by having the best Poker hand. For $10, each participant is dealt a hand of poker, one card at each of these locations,: ChewVino, Main Street Bistro, Sporty’s, El Ranchito, the American Legion, and the Oasis. At 9 p.m., all cardholders will meet at Sporty’s to see who holds the winning hand. There are still spots for dealers who want to assist in the event, but who might not be interested in the Pub Crawl. Contact Becky Washington at 935-6635,
The participating establishments all have great food, spirits and unique atmospheres. Come out for dinner, have a drink, and try your hand at poker! Shop local! Eat Local! Support your local Pet Rescue!

In This Photo: Becky’s Best Buddies has been active in Stevens County for 19 years.