Amateur Radio Operators Join in Ham Radio Field Day

Local “hams” will join with thousands of Amateur Radio operators who will be showing off their emergency capabilities the weekend of June 22 and 23. In the Chewelah area, the Panorama Land Amateur Radio Club and Spokane DX Association will be demonstrating Amateur Radio at 2716 Moser Road, Chewelah. They invite the public to come and see ham radio’s new capabilities and learn how to get their own FCC radio license before the next disaster strikes. For information on the event contact Lynn Miner at 509-340-0066.
From its beginning back in the 1930’s as an event to test the field preparedness and emergency communications abilities of the burgeoning amateur radio community, Field Day has evolved into the largest on-the-air operation during the year. In 2012, contest logs were submitted by a 2,657 clubs, groups and individuals across the US and Canada to the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Contest Branch. These logs showed participation by 37,567 individuals and over 1.43 million QSOs (ham radio contacts) were reported during the brief 24-hours of the event. Field Day is officially an operating event not a contest. The purpose remains today as it did in the beginning: to demonstrate the communications ability of the amateur radio community in simulated emergency situations.
This annual event, called “Field Day” is the climax of the week long “Amateur Radio Week” sponsored by ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio. Using only emergency power supplies, ham operators will construct emergency stations in parks, shopping malls, schools and backyards around the country. Their slogan, “When All Else Fails, Ham Radio Works” is more than just words to the hams as they prove they can send messages in many forms without the use of phone systems, internet or any other infrastructure that can be compromised in a crisis.