A Dramatic Gesture Lane Mountain Donates T-Shirts to Valley Drama Club

news_magical-world-of-oz429Valley School Drama Club students got a big surprise, thanks to the generosity of the folks at Valley’s own Lane Mountain Company. Students will sometimes buy T-shirts at cost, wearing them to promote upcoming plays and out of a sense of pride and ownership in the productions in which they take part.

This year, when Drama Coach and Director Theresa Carr went to pick up the T-shirts for the March production of the “Land of Oz” from Kay Tomsha of Tomsha Graphix, who also works at Lane Mountain Company in Valley, she said that Lane Mountain had paid for them.

“To encourage and support local Youth Arts, Lane Mountain has made a donation of shirts to the Valley School Drama Club for their current production of The Magical Land of Oz,” said Tomsha. “We’d like to recognize Theresa Carr’s mentoring of local youth toward these creative endeavors. To the cast – break a leg!”

“You should have seen the students’ faces when I gave them their T-shirts and told them they didn’t have to pay for them,” Carr enthused. “They were so excited and we are all so appreciative to Lane Mountain for their generous donation.”

In This Photo: A portion of the Valley School Drama Club from the upcoming production of The Magical Land of Oz sport T-shirts donated to the cast by Lane Mountain Company.