2012 Float is Most Ambitious Yet



The 2012 Chewelah Float is almost ready for its debut at the Apple Blossom Festival in Wenatchee on Saturday, May 5.

This is the twenty-fifth community float that Patsy Cotter has designed for Chewelah. This year’s theme is “Under The Sea” and features four gigantic bright colored moving fish that are each 5 to 7 feet tall.

“It has been quite the production,” Cotter said. “This is the most ambitious one we’ve ever done.”

Cotter said she started working on the float in January when she first designed the fish.

The metal frames of the fish were welded by Ron and Don Mally of Valley.

Cotter said the fish arrived to Chewelah on their own pickup trucks in the rain and said it was an impressive sight to see.

The frames were then covered in chicken wire, paper mache, and petal paper. Miki Fulbright covered all the fins and tails and Margo Sety carved the faces out of Styrofoam.

Dale Bundy, who drives the float truck each year, was able to get all the fish moving so they look like they are swimming.

Other volunteers who have contributed their time include Geri Trudeau, Mary Kersey, Jim Rasmussen, Diane Cobb, Lori Londagin, Janet Goulet and Judy Burdette, as well as Chewelah’s Distinguished Young Women representatives and their parents.

To give an example of how much time they have spent on the float, Cotter said one fish took three people seven hours to just glue the petal paper on.

She said this is also the twenty-fifth year that Goulet and Burdette have been a part of the time-consuming project.

Chewelah’s Distinguished Young Woman Mallorie Powell and her alternates, Atasha Edwards and Daniele Bradley, will be representing Chewelah on the float throughout spring and summer in parades across the state.


Each alternate will be dressed in bright colored mermaid costumes created by Carmen Hartill. One alternate will be on each side of the float while Powell will sit on the rocks in front.


They have routines to two songs: “Under The Sea,” which is not the Disney song, and one titled “Three Little Fishes.”

Cotter said she appreciates all the community members who have offered their help in some way to continue this annual tradition of creativity and hard work.

By Kellie Trudeau


The Independent Staff

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Chewelah’s Distinguished Young Women representatives and several volunteers have worked numerous hours on creating the 2012 community float: “Under the Sea.”