1B FOOTBALL: Link scores four touchdowns in Selkirk’s win over rival Cusick

Logan Link, Selkirk’s running back, rushed for four touchdowns against Cusick on Thursday evening. (Taylor Newquist/Statesman-Examiner photo)

(STAFF REPORTS/Chewelah Independent)

There are football rivalries in NE Washington and then there is Selkirk and Cusick. The two 1B programs tend to rack up both the yards and points when they meet and Thursday night’s game was no different.

Selkirk’s Logan Link scored four touchdowns in the game and the Rangers survived Cusick 54-44 to move to 2-0 on the season.

“I think the key to our offensive success is great line play,” Selkirk coach Jeremy Link said. “Freshman Kory Enyeart  at 6’5″, 310 pounds was a total stud the entire game and really opens up some holes for Luke, and Logan to run through. Also Porter Carman did a great job blocking in our run game. This week we didn’t pass much just kind of stuck to what was working.”

While Selkirk led most of the game, they had to deal with injuries to quarterback Luke Couch, hail in the second half and the speed of Cusick’s Colton Seymour.

“It’s amazing man, beating Cusick our senior year,” Couch said to the Statesman-Examiner’s Taylor Newquist. “The team came together, came out strong and we put it to ’em.”

Selkirk led 26-22 at halftime and a third quarter surge by the Rangers allowed them to weather a late game rally by the Panthers.

Couch, who through two weeks has proven the most offensively potent player in NE Washington, started the game with a 60-yard run that then set up a 10-yard touchdown run for Link.

Cusick answered back with their senior quarterback Dylan Reijonen throwing a 55-yard touchdown pass to junior receiver River Edmiston two minutes after Link’s score. The Rangers would then counter punch with a 17-yard Couch touchdown run with 3:23 left in the first quarter.

Cusick would take the lead again as Reijonen found the most dangerous player in the league, Colton Seymour, for a 45-yard touchdown pass to go up 13-12 on their rivals.

With 11:03 remaining in the second quarter, Selkirk would take the lead for good as Link ripped off a 40-yard rushing touchdown. After both defenses made rare stops, Selkirk recovered a pivotal fumble on Cusick’s five-yard line and Link once again found the endzone on a one-yard run.

“The field was wet and had a little ice but Cusick did a great job clearing it off,” Logan Link said. “Our home field has about a foot of snow on it. Cusick is always tough and it took everything we had to get the win.”

The Statesman’s Newquist then reported that Couch suffered a scary-looking injury chasing a Cusick runner out of bounds and into the snow bank. Couch remained down for several minutes and the ambulance came over. Couch was then able to walk off on his own power and would re-enter the game in the third quarter. Couch also suffered from cramps in the first game of the year against Inchelium/Hunters that kept him out for some snaps as well.

“Couch dinged up his knee,” coach Jeremy Link said. “I’m hoping for the best he’s a tough kid.”

Selkirk has 12 guys on the roster so it can create adverse situations. Logan Link said that they had some key guys step up big, pointing to Silas Petrich who came in at QB.

“Silas did a fantastic job when he stepped into QB and as a team,” Logan said. “We just try our best and work together. We all got a strong bond like a family that helped keep it all together.”

Despite injury, Luke Couch was a standout player for the Rangers in their victory over Cusick. (Taylor Newquist/Statesman Examiner photo)

Before halftime, Cusick scored on another Reijonen pass, who found freshman receiver Bode Seymour for a 26-yard touchdown pass but still trailed 26-22 at the break.

In the second half, Couch hit Conner Bailey for a 26-yard touchdown to go up 34-22 with 8:02 remaining in the third quarter. After Cusick turned the ball over, Link again found the endzone for a 15-yard touchdown run with 4:29 left in the third to go up 42-22 on the Panthers.

Since this is eight-man football, Cusick would not slow down. Reijonen hit Seymour again for a 40-yard touchdown pass to pull within 42-28 and the scoring would not stop.

Couch scored perhaps the most pivotal touchdown of the game, notching a four-yard rushing score with 9:15 let in the fourth quarter to give the Rangers some comfortable padding.

And they needed it.

Two minutes later, Cusick’s Colton Seymour ripped off a 30-yard touchdown run. Selkirk’s answered back with a four-yard touchdown run. Seymour scored again, running it in from 35-yards out with 1:41 left in the game and that would be the final score, 54-44.

“The Selkirk Cusick rivalry is the real deal and it seams like both teams play there best football against each other when we play,” coach Jeremy Link said. “Cusick has a great program and I have the upmost respect for them. Both teams played with a lot of heart and it was a fun game to be apart of.”

Dylan Reijonen completed four passes in the game and they all went for touchdowns. (Taylor Newquist/Statesman-Examiner photo)

Breaking down the stats, the standout players were all over the place. First Cusick quarterback Dylan Reijonen completed four passes in the game and they all went for touchdowns. He finished with 166 passing yards.

His favorite target, Colton Seymour, finished the game with 172 rushing yards and four touchdowns total.

Meanwhile, the Selkirk stat sheet was equally loaded with Logan Link rushing for 183 yards and four touchdowns. Couch, despite dealing with injury, added 128 yards on the ground and three touchdowns along with his touchdown pass to Bailey.

“The line was incredible, they are the key to our offense and they played great,” Logan Link said. “I just do my best running behind them looking forward and making a move here and there to pick up some extra yards.”

Selkirk’s offense has scored 100 points in their first two games of the year while Cusick has scored 72 points.

Selkirk will host Republic next Wednesday in Cusick due to field restrictions, game time is still to be determined. Meanwhile, Cusick will play at Curlew on Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Selkirk 54, Cusick 44

Selkirk     18     8     16    12 = 54
Cusick      14     8     6      16 = 44

Selkirk – Logan Link 10-yard run, run fail, 6-0 Selkirk lead
Cusick – Dylan Reijonen 55-yard pass to River Edminston, run fail, 6-6
Selkirk – Luke Couch 17-yard run, run fail, 12-6 Selkirk lead
Cusick – Dylan Reijonen 45-yard pass to Colton Seymour, Seymour Run, 14-12 Cusick lead
Selkirk – Logan Link 40-yard run, kick fail, 18-14 Selkirk lead
Selkirk – Logan Link 1-yard run, Couch run, 26-14 Selkirk lead
Cusick – Dylan Reijonen 26-yard pass to Bode Seymour, run good, 26-22 Selkirk lead
Selkirk – Luke Couch 26-yard pass to Conner Bailey, run good, 34-22 Selkirk lead
Selkirk – Logan Link 15-yard run, Couch run, 42-22 Selkirk lead
Cusick – Dylan Reijonen 40-yard pass from Colton Seymour , run fail, 42-28 Selkirk lead
Selkirk – Couch four-yard run, run fail, 48-28 Selkirk lead
Cusick – Colton Seymour 30-yard run, run good, 48-36 Selkirk lead
Selkirk – Couch four-yard run, run fail, 54-36 Selkirk lead
Cusick – Colton Seymour three-yard run, run good, 54-44 Selkirk lead

Selkirk – Luke Couch 3-7/74 yards, 1 touchdown; Cusick – Dylan Reijonen 4-4/166 yards, 4 touchdowns
Selkirk – Logan Link 24/183 yards, 4 touchdowns, Luke Couch 26/128 yards, 3 touchdowns; Cusick – Colton Seymour 172 rushing yards
Selkirk – Conner Bailey 2/48 yards,1 touchdown