Wolf Advisory Group virtual meeting scheduled for March 31-April 1

Wolf Advisory Group virtual meeting scheduled for March 31-April 1


Wolf Advisory Group meeting will be online and begins on March 31…

The next Wolf Advisory Group (WAG) meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 31, from 9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., and Wednesday, April 1, from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. A meeting agenda has been posted to the Wolf Advisory Group page. Although this will be a virtual meeting, the WAG work session will be open to the public to observe and will follow the same format used previously, including public comment opportunities at the end of each day.

This meeting will be held using Zoom, an online web-conferencing tool that allows presenters to share presentations and video and allows the public to listen via computer or phone. If you are interested in joining this meeting please pre-register here. When you register you’ll also be asked if you wish to provide public comment. Pre-registering and noting that you anticipate providing public comment will help ensure public comment goes smoothly in this new digital setting. You can still join the webinar and provide comment during the meeting even if you don’t pre-register.

If you are new to Zoom and would like to test your computer’s audio and video ahead of time you can visit https://zoom.us/test and click “Join.” We also recommend joining the webinar 15 minutes before it starts. If you are having trouble connecting please send an email to twendel@rossstrategic.com with the subject line “Wolf Advisory Group Zoom Help.”

Join the webinar by computer:

Or join by phone:
Please choose 1 phone number. You’ll be prompted to enter the webinar ID after you have dialed in.

+1 346 248 7799

+1 669 900 9128

+1 312 626 6799

+1 253 215 8782

877 853 5247 (Toll Free)

888 788 0099 (Toll Free)

Webinar ID: 119 498 278

Note: Many phone lines are listed above because there is high demand nationwide for phone lines right now and if your phone isn’t connecting it could be due to an overload on that line. Please pick another phone number if you aren’t able to enter the meeting.