WDFW QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Where should I go turkey hunting?


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife staff in the Colville office get a lot of questions from the public. One that has been asked recently is- with turkey season now
open, what are some good places to hunt in the area and is there anything else to know about the turkey season considering these unusual times?

WDFW is encouraging people to hunt locally to avoid potentially spreading the COVID-19 virus. If you live in northeast Washington, you are in luck. There is excellent turkey hunting in our area.

With a later opening day for spring turkey this year, consider heading a little higher up in the hills. Turkeys tend to follow the snow line and can be found in more places than just the valley bottoms. Open hillsides with low vegetation can be great spots to find strutting toms and probably less people.

Spring turkey season will end May 31, as originally scheduled. Prorated turkey licenses will not be offered. Your license is good for the remainder of the spring seasons and
upcoming fall season. For questions please email wildthing@dfw.wa.gov.

A reminder to please enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Continue to practice social distancing if you encounter others and choose a different spot if an area is crowded.
If you have a question for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, send it to publicaffairs@dfw.wa.gov or call 509-563-5495. One question a week will be answered.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on the water and in the woods- from a distance.