Thanks to a giving community, KCHW is back up to full power and better than ever

Thanks to a giving community, KCHW is back up to full power and better than ever

(BRANDON HANSEN/Chewelah Independent)


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KCHW manager Scott Allen loves Star Wars, and he probably feels like Emperor Palpatine right now with lightning shooting out of his fingertips.

Chewelah’s public radio station is back up to full power, broadcasting countywide with a cleaner signal than before, thanks to generous donations from the community to help get the station’s transmitter repaired.

Three months ago, a lightning strike burnt out the transmitters main board, forcing the radio station to switch to low power. Luckily, KCHW has a certified 1,000-watt tower in downtown Chewelah, which allowed them to continue to broadcast to the surrounding Chewelah area.

After thousands of donated dollars, many public radio station renewals and local businesses helping, the station went back to full power last week, broadcasting at 25,000 watts.

Allen had to call a professional crew up to the tower west of town to install a new antenna and make sure all the equipment was working properly.

“Because of this, we should have a much cleaner signal,” Allen said.

KCHW can now be heard clearly in downtown Deer Park, and Colville as well.

The radio station held a “Mooch Money Madness” fundraiser for funds to fix the transmitter and people also just donated cash to the station. The 102.7 FM station runs a music education format that features a wide variety of genres as well as a morning show with Scott and Jean.

People wishing to become a supporting member of the radio station, can fill out a member form online at The cost is $25 to become a member and certain discounts apply for concerts the radio station holds. The radio station has plans for a late summer concert and will continue to bring quality programming to Stevens County.