Survey being held for Chewelah Area Recreation

Chewelah Area Recreation Planning Effort (CARPE) is a broad, all-hands, all-lands recreation and tourism planning effort to develop a recreation plan that will be adopted by various entities (like the City of Chewelah, Colville National Forest and others) and used in other efforts (such as obtaining funding for swimming pools, trails, etc.). It will also be used to influence other planning efforts and projects such as those being created by the Chewelah Valley Land Trust. The plan will align with existing guidelines and plans such as the County Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the Groth Management Plan.

In developing the recreation plan, we are tapping into the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) planning guidelines as a guide in developing the plan. The guidelines include key steps including: 1) principles/goals, 2) inventory, 3) needs assessment, and 4) community engagement, among other steps. This should provide opportunities for city and community organizations to use this framework to apply for grants to help in developing recreation opportunities.

This survey will help identify current recreation habits in Chewelah, while identifying gaps and needs in the current infastructure. The survey should only take 5-10 minutes.
It can be taken at or can be picked up at the Chewelah Chamber of Commerce, Quartzite Brewing and Chewelah City Offices.