Snowpacks healthy in the state of Washington

By The Independent Staff
The snowpack levels in Washington are healthier than in previous years, the Associated Press is reporting.

Mountain snowpack in the state is at 110 percent of normal, compared to two years ago when the state’s mountain snowpacks were considerably below 100 percent.

According to the 49 Degrees North website, total snowfall of 58 inches has fallen on the base, while 93 inches have fallen on the summit of Chewelah Peak. At the ski resort’s lodge there is 50 inches of snow currently and 69 inches at the summit.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service in Mt. Vernon say this snowpack is because of cooler temperatures and above normal precipitation. The Spokane Basin had 86 of normal snowpack, the central Columbia Basin has 98 percent and the upper and lower Yakima basins were on par with statewide averages.

Cooler temps and normal precipitation is expected to continue for three months.