On the Record in Stevens County Superior/District Court for Oct. 6, 2016

Here are court records from the Oct. 6 edition of The Chewelah Independent. 

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”7,8″ ihc_mb_template=”1″ ]SUPERIOR COURT NEW CASES
Kevin Clark, Jina Clark, vs. Jonathan Birnbaum, Sarah Birnbaum. Forclosure.
Christine Ann Broderick, petitioner, Steven R. Broderick, respondent. Domestic violence.
Dennis L. Grisham, petitioner, Linda L. Gomes, respondent. Dissolution.
State of Washington vs. Joshua Lee Johnston. Noncharge.
State of Washington vs. Rodger N. Smith. Harassthrtpn.
Tammira Nadine Nuttall, petitioner, Michael Lambson Nuttall, respondent. Legal Separation.
Neil L. Anderson vs. Denise Hager, Any and All other Occupants. Unlaw detain.
Maureen Dene Alderson, petitioner, Daniel Charles James, respondent.
Estate of Jane H. Faller, deceased, James D. Faller, petitioner. Estate.
State of Washington vs. Andrew Frank Luce. Stolnproptrf1.
State of Washington vs. Christopher Lee Welsh. Burglsecdegr.
State of Washington vs. Gary Don Ackerson. Assault2weap.
Rose Lehrbas vs. Jon Macmillan. Commercial.
Chewelah Golf & Country Club Association vs. Janet E. Sager, All other persons or parties unknown claiming right, title. Commercial.
State of Washington vs. Sidney James Gleave. Excapethirde.
State of Washington vs. Elisha John Young. Controlled substance no prescription.
State of Washington vs. Thomas Arthur Graham. Controlled substance no prescription.
Darrel R. Hammack vs. Jeffrey Discher. Unlaw detain.
State of Washington, Department of Labor & Industries vs. Precision Building LLC. Tax warrant.
Jonathan Birnbaum, Sarah Birnbaum vs. Kevin Clark, Jina Clark. Commercial.
Candace Gabrielle Baulne, petitioner, Joshua Michael Crane, respondent. Parenting plan.
State of Washington vs. Victoria Lea Enright. Bailjmpflbc.
Dennis Lee Grisham, petitioner, Linda Laqueda Gomes, respondent. Harassment.
Jason Mathew Brooling, petitioner, State of Washington, respondent. Rst frarm rt.
State of Washington vs. William Leslie Knight. Asslt1 weapon.
State of Washington vs. Connie Larue. Intimidjudge.
Wesley B. Ames, Stan R. Ames vs. Jason Baker, Mad Loggers. Misc.
Rural Resources Community Action vs. Staci J. Vollendorff, all other subtenants. Unlaw detain.
Heidi Ann Green, petitioner, Nicole Ann Irene Largin, Cody James Green, respondent. Custody.
State of Washington vs. Max Phineas Matthews. Noncharge.
State of Washington, Department of Revenue vs. The Valley Store Inc. Tax warrant.
State of Washington, Scott Leath, petitioners, Gina Roberta Dashiell, respondent. Mod sup-only.
Karl. Hunt vs. Sam Lembeke, All other occupant. Unlaw detain.
Gail Joy James, petitioner, Matthew Ryan J. Brown Dunn, respondent. Harassment.
Jessica Ann Gabbard, petitioner, Michael John Descamps, respondent. Dissolution.
Annalisa Sherie Gruber, petitioner, Lucas Duane Brown, respondent. Parenting plan.

Judge Gina A. Tveit
Phillip P. Tonasket, $309.60 Restitution, $2,443 fine, 51 days jail, 24 months Supervised Probation, Driving Under the Influence
Jacob J. Lotze, $836.68 fine, 3 days jail converted to Community Service, 12 months Monitored Probation, Minor Driving Under the Influence
James F. Lembcke, $643 fine, 90 days jail converted to Electric Home Monitoring, Driving While License Suspended 1st Degree
Darlene L. Watlamett, $993 fine, 10 days jail, 12 months Supervised Probation, Malicious Mischief 3rd Degree – Domestic Violence & Minor in Possession of Alcohol
Darlene L. Watlamett, $293 fine, 1 day jail, Driving While License Suspended 1st Degree
Arnold L. Reeves Jr., $2,105 fine, 34 days jail, 24 months Supervised Probation, Driving Under the Influence
Arnold L. Reeves Jr., $343 fine, Assault 4th Degree – Domestic Violence
Sterling E. Fosnow, $1,541 fine, 1 day jail, 12 months Supervised Probation, Driving Under the Influence[/ihc-hide-content]