“Rainbow Grants” shed color on the snowy landscape

By Kay Lupton/Chewelah Arts Guild
The Chewelah Arts Guild is pleased to offer Rainbow Fund Mini-Grants. The grants are designed to give some financial support to people interested in pursuing some aspect of the arts.

Grant applications are available at the Chewelah Library or by going online at www.chewelahartsguild.org. The range of dates for submitting grant applications goes from January 27-30, 2017. Plenty of time to get the applications postmarked.

The Guild continues to be especially proud of this on-going project for several reasons. First, it follows our Mission to support the Community by supporting the Arts. In some cases the grants make a program possible that may not otherwise be available.

Secondly, the students who receive some money for lessons or a musical instrument are asked by the Guild to do something for the community. This “pay it forward concept” doubles the benefits both for the children and the town. Finally, it is an example of local money staying and helping local people. Well over $1,000 is awarded every year.

If you have any questions call Lupton at 936-2010.