Police Blotter for Oct. 27, 2016

By Mark Burrows/Chewelah Chief of Police
The P.D. handled just under sixty calls last week. Eighteen of the calls were traffic stops and situations; we responded to nine dog complaints; a burglary; a welfare check; and a man reported a theft of items from his apartment. A fraud was reported at a local business; an officer checked on a suspicious vehicle that was parked near a closed business; and a theft was reported at 0200 hrs from outside of a business. An adult female called 911 after someone yelled at her. The suspect happened to have two misdemeanor warrants and the ‘vacancy light’ was on at the jail. An officer assisted the S.O. on a suspected suicide call outside of town; a man forgot where he parked and called 911 to report it stolen; a few late-night pedestrians were contacted and identified; and an officer worked with the S.O. to catch a couple drug users south of town. An officer investigated a report of possible adult abuse; a citizen reported an injured deer; an harassment complaint; an incomplete 911 call; another incomplete 911 call; a welfare check; and an adult female went to jail for assaulting her sister and breaking her HDTV. A citizen reported that a cargo box was stolen off his ATV at the grocery store. The cargo box was found and turned in by a Good Samaritan. An officer assisted the WSP south of town; an animal complaint; another welfare check; a two-vehicle collision on private property; and a man reported finding a stray, intact male, Rottweiler. Always fun to take a potential land-shark off to impound. A citizen requested an area check; a disturbance at an apartment complex; an assist request; another incomplete 911 call; a report of threats; and parents had a dispute over child custody. I know a guy who claims that it’s hard to raise good parents these days……he might just be right about that.