New jobless claims drop in Washington

New jobless claims drop in Washington

(STAFF REPORTS/Chewelah Independent)

For the fifth time in as many weeks, Washington saw new unemployment claims fall, according to the state’s Employment Security Department.

There were 15,644 new jobless claims filed last week, which is a 2.8 percent drop from the previous week. Nationally, jobless claims fell to 793,000, a 2.3 percent drop.

Still Washington’s new jobless claims are still double from this time last year, as unemployment numbers are still much higher than pre-COVID-19 levels.

Along with this, ESD paid 318,152 individuals jobless benefits in total, which is a 1.1 percent increase. This number includes people with reoccurring claims and they can have multiple claims.

Since March of 2020, Washington has paid out more than $14.6 billion in jobless benefits with 2/3rds of that money coming from federal funding.