NATIONAL NEWS: US has highest one-day COVID-19 spike in two months

(BRANDON HANSEN/Chewelah Independent)

COVID-19 cases now exploding again in the United States…

As the summer heats up, usually the flu season dies down.

The coronavirus, however, seems to have different ideas. The COVID-19 pandemic is seeing a large uptick in cases in the United States as Tuesday saw a total of 34,700 new cases on Tuesday, the highest in two months. Locally, the Yakima County healthcare system is overwhelmed and sending patients to Seattle, Spokane is seeing a large uptick in cases since moving to Phase 2 on Memorial Day weekend and Governor Jay Inslee has enacted a state-wide mask order when people are in public cases.

In other words, buckle up for a hot July.

The Associated Press is reporting that parts of the US are on the verge of becoming overwhelmed by the virus, according to hospital administrators and heatlh experts. While cases are declining in New York and New Jersey – the previous virus epicenter – several other states have set single-day records this week.

Still Stevens, Ferry and Pend Oreille County remains relatively untouched with just 20 cases total during the entire pandemic.

The nation peaked in terms of cases in late April with a one day total of 36,400 cases of COVID-19 in one day. The Tuesday total was 34,700 including California seeing 7,100 new cases, a record and Florida’s single-day count surging to 5,500 cases.

In Texas, hospitalizations have doubled and new cases have tripled in two weeks. The number of patients at Houston Medthodist’s eight Texas hospitals has now grown to 312 and about 20 percent of Texas’ COVID-19 tests at hospitals are coming back positive, compared to two to four percent in mid-may.

Spokane County has seen it’s progress to reopen stall at Phase 2 after getting 500 new cases since Memorial Day weekend. Spokane County health officials have rejected pleas by elected officials to request to move to Phase 3 in the reopening plan because the area does not meet the necessary reopening metrics. Over 1,050 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the county.

The virus has caused a reported 124,000 deaths in the US, the highest death toll in the world and 2.3 million confirmed cases, also the world’s highest.