NATIONAL NEWS: U.S. sees 60K new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday

(STAFF REPORTS/Chewelah Independent)

John Hopkins University reported that the United States saw a new record for new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday with 60,209 new cases. The country has over 2.9 million confirmed cases while the death toll stood at 131,362.

All these numbers are the highest in the world. The United States also leads the world in tests administered as well.

According to other national totals at show that 993 people were reported dead on Tuesday. This was a large spike from the previous two days because of a lull of reporting over the 4th of July weekend. A week ago, 727 deaths were reported on Tuesday. Tuesday’s death total was the highest in the country since June 9 as deaths from the virus have been gradually trending down to just over 500 deaths a day.