Letters to the Editor For Sept. 8, 2016

Here are letters to the editor for the Sept. 8, 2016 edition of The Chewelah Independent.

We can benefit looking at both sides of the story
I really enjoyed Brandon’s editorial last week. I tend to be a little bit radical in my thinking and I sure do appreciate the opposite end keeping me balanced.
Brandon’s article was right on target! We can all benefit by looking at both sides of the story and drawing our conclusions a little closer to where it really is, generally somewhere in the middle.
As I finished reading the editorial, I realized that I had just been sitting and reading the paper for longer than five minutes! I love seeing this little paper grow into something that I can truly sit down and enjoy as a piece of reading material instead of just skimming through and hitting the headlines for info.

Great job, be sure to send me a renewal!
Leanne M. Perin

Not Putting a Price on Water
Dear Editor,
My great-grandmother, Amelia Peone Callan Perkins (1869-1934), Colville/Chewelah resident, a full-blooded Colville Indian, was quoted as saying, “Waste not – want not.”
Those words of wisdom, handed down, from our ancient family history in this area (13,000 years plus) would probably serve everyone well that reads this.
Water is becoming a rather scarce resource and commodity, in many parts of our world. Some take it for granted and others, only take a bath once a week because they feel they have to.
Dave Archambault, Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux, was recently arrested due to his opposition to a 1,100 mile, $3.8 billion oil pipeline in North Dakota…Protestors and supporters are quite concerned, that if the pipeline develops a leak it would contaminate their drinking water and force people to move elsewhere, far away from their ancestral land. It would contaminate the whole nearby river system. To many Colville and Spokane Indians, water is sacred, just like the salmon that used to travel here.
To me, a good leader, like Dave Archambault of the Standing Rock Sioux, would protect the people for at least seven generations(175 years), from the contamination of their vital water resource. The alternative is cultural theft and death, and not take it for granted as a leader.
Chairman Archambault is not willing to put a price on the future of those that he represents. Are you willing to do that given what weak information is publicly available, about your vital water supply?

James Gordon Perkins

We need a change
How many of you think this country is progressing in the right direction? How many of you think that our Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers is representing and supporting your concerns? How many of you can count on being heard when you call, send a letter, email, or attend a town hall meeting? Probably most of you would answer “no” to these questions.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers, our representative in Congress for the 5th District, has been our representative in Congress for five terms, and she doesn’t need a sixth. She has lost touch with the people. It can easily be seen that she is tired of representing us, and doesn’t even live in the district any more. She does have an address in Spokane. Her last town hall meeting in Spokane answered a total of 7 questions, and she was out of the Lincoln Center within an hour. Her only bright idea is to privatize (fix) the VA medical services, hiding behind the Koch brothers’ sponsorship.
We need new ideas, new representation, a new infusion of energy. If you believe you need to be heard and your positions be fought for, vote for Joe Pakootas. He lives in our district, listens to the people, is accessible and is not a Washington D.C. insider.

Nancy Street